Your website is meant to communicate your needs, goals and desires to every guest visiting your web page but your goal can be impeded by common mistakes made by your web designer. You can avoid many usability problems by carefully ensuring that you avoid several web design errors. The first major mistake is related to navigation problems due to a search engine’s inability to handle plurals, typos or hyphens and other related query terms. Your web designer so make sure that searches to your website are simple because many people rarely have the time to go for advanced searches.

Most internet users love to do things in speed and will almost always abandon anything that slows them down. One such impediment has been found to be the inclusion of PDF files which they hate to encounter whenever they are browsing. Users discover that even simple commands such as saving documents or even printing became a little difficult because of the difficulty of related browser commands. They also discover that the layouts almost always never match their browser windows and there PDF is best avoided and could be reserved for manuals and other big documents.

Another major web design mistake is failure to change the colors of visited links which helps users clearly understand their current location. Users need an easy way of identifying their present locations so that they can easily move on without any hassles. Users love to have a system of helping them identifying those links that they have gone though that bore no fruit to them. This therefore means that your web designer needs to make it easier for your users to tell the difference between the links they have gone though and those that they have not and changing of the link colors is the best way to display the difference.

Since time is of essence to many internet guests they will usually avoid anything that resembles an advertisement. Since guests love to use selective attention they will try to avoid any Ads that will seem to get on their way as they search information they were looking for in the first place. In the process they could also ignore any legitimate templates that have any resemblance to any form of advertisement. Your designer should therefore avoid any designs that look like advertisements. Take care also that you avoid animation that has blinking texts or other aggressive animations and pop ups since they give an excuse for guests to close then even without looking at the information they carry.