There is nothing as hard as receiving the desired results from your website and you will do anything to make sure that you get a return on your investment. Everyone wants to hire the greatest web designer but the greatness of a designer or none of it will have to with the results that come in as well as conversions from your crusade, whatever it is. You want a website that will increase your numbers in terms of traffic, sales, or subscribers in order to increase a conversion that will lead to you getting your desired goals and that is principally what will separate form one web designer to another.

The first question will of course have to do with whether your prospective web designer’s clients get actual results or not. There are sites that publish case studies and they will indicate what percentage of improvement any new designs could have brought. Your prospective web designer himself should be able to give you this information firsthand if they are sure that they actually deliver. It is true that any result oriented web site will take time and resources to deliver and this is likely to cost you slightly more than average. Beware of those who charge too low because it could be possible they take short cuts.

Find out how much time your prospective web designer takes in researching and planning because it goes without saying that for anyone to deliver results is not a matter of luck. Sufficient time is spent on research and planning in order for the m to do a basic analysis of your main business, the competition and the market in general. You also need to find out whether they create wireframes before designing websites. Wireframes are very important because they help the designer to place items on your website strategically which in turn creates a bigger impact on visitors depending on where they are placed.

Another crucial question to ask your prospective web designer is whether and how much market research they conduct before finally designing a website.  The purpose of your website is to bring your customers closer to you and that calls for the web designer to understand the nature of your business in order to create appropriately. You will also need to ask them whether they conduct conversion and usability testing. You have no business making guesses regarding different aspects of your website when you can create at least two different pages that are pitted against each other to seek which one will deliver results.