Having someone work for you is important and you therefore need to have an idea of what kind of contract the two parties are going sign. Basically, a contract is where you will agree with the designer on the scope of work they are going to do and the amount of money you are going to pay them as a client. With a good contract you will have planned the entire project as well as the time duration and when you will be required to pay what percentage of the contract money.  You have to read the contract forms carefully and make sure that it covers you quite well.

Generally, your contract needs to cover even the smallest details of the work to be delivered including the number of pages for your website, the number of programs, GCIs, and scripts to be used, the amount of content for your website, the number of graphics to be included as well as the margin error if any, which may require that the contact details be revisited. As a client you must make sure that you totally understand the details of the contract so that you know exactly what the designer will deliver and what needs to be negotiated.

Time is of essence in any project whether big or small and any good contract will surely have details of the time involved. It may be very tempting to hope that things will work out in time but it is important to have hard dates fixed regarding when you expect what stage of the project completed. You also need a written reminder on when you need to pay up different percentages of the contract amount lest you become busy and forget. Make sure the contract has details such as the date when the work starts, when plans will be deigned and completed, milestones for release and review and of course completion and launch dates.

Granted, the designer should be able to the costs of buying the domains as well as setting up hosting services among others. It is important for you to know what these specific costs are and if they are not included in the main contract you should at least know when the money is due and what the amounts are. Another important aspect of the contract that you need to look at critically is regarding any revisions that may arise and whether or not they are going to cost you anything. Also care of copyright issues regarding designs, graphics, content, and multimedia as well as programs.