As it is with any language it is always important for you to understand the lingo especially when you intend to transact business with people in the same language. The internet has become the one thing that is uniting the entire world and you are either in it or nobody really knows you. We design therefore is what keeps people on the net and it is therefore significant that one gets to understand the glossary and web jargon. In this article we will try and put that jargon in layman’s language so that everyone gets to understand the very basic language concepts.

We begin with ‘Accessibility’ which refers to the ability of a website to allow visitors interact with you without any types of technological or physical barriers. A website that addresses any such limitation is said to accessibility friendly. You will also hear about ‘Applet’ which is a term referring to an independent program that is designed to run without any other application and Java happens to be a major language used in the creation of web based Applets. Perhaps the most common term is ‘Bandwidth’ which refers to the amount of data that a network can transfer in a given amount of time which is usually expressed in ‘bits per second’.

The ‘Browser’ refers to a software application which is used as a toll for the interpretation of HTML commands and display of contents on web pages. There are basically two major web browsers namely the Microsoft Internet Explorer and the Netscape navigator.  Of course we will not forget ‘Content’ which refers to all the information and stuff that makes up a website. Whether these are words, pictures, sounds or images is essentially what web content refers to. HTML ‘Hyper Text Markup Language’ is a simple Markup language that provides a simply system for developing hypertext documents that are meant to be published on the Internet.

The ‘Domain Name itself is a unique name that helps to differentiate between one IP address and another and they are also used in URLs’ in the identification of particular websites. FTP refers to ‘File Transfer Protocol’ which is a common method of moving files over the internet. This is the method used in uploading files to host pages for viewing on the internet. The ’Home Page’ refers to the first, opening or starter page of website which is usually the default page for your web directory.