The tall and short of web design is basically about passing information across to your intended audience. One of the most important tools that your web designer should employ is precedence which has to do with how much visual weight is put in different parts of your web design.  A good is example is usually the correct placement of the logo which should be the first thing that your guests will see. This leads to your users knowing exactly what they are looking at as soon as they come to your site. This should lead to your visitors being directed in a logical sequence you want them to follow and your web designer has to figure it all out.

You will need to look at the designer’s previous jobs to determine whether or not they do proper spacing instead of filling every available space with stuff. Even though empty space may look wasteful to the lay person, nothing could be further from the truth. A good designer will tell you that correct spacing gives a picture of cleanliness and it makes things appear clearer. Your designer therefore needs to consider line spacing because it affects the readability of your information so that one’s eye   does not get lost.

Nothing frustrates web guests like poor navigation because they simply get lost in the whole mess without knowing where they are and where they ought to go to after that. You must make sure that your web designer has mastered the concept of navigation quite well or else you will be disappointed. Your site needs to be created in such a way that it is easy to find the relevant buttons that help visitors go to the next place they need to go to. One way to have this enhanced is by use of clear texts on the buttons explaining exactly where one is headed.

You must make sure that your guest gets well oriented in your site in order for them not to get lost. This will have to do with the size of your website but at the end of the day, the simpler the things appear the better it is likely to be. The use of headings, sub headings as well as sitemaps becomes extremely important in determining how user friendly your site is going to be. Even as things become more complicated by the day, the bottom lone is that people still prefer a simplistic look. Thankfully, there are layouts and software that can help your designer maintain the simplistic look that will be attractive to visitors as long as you are able to communicate to them effectively.