The last thing you want is a website that you are not proud of, yet many people forget these simple thoughts when looking for a website design company.

There are many people out there that want a website for their business, hobby, or project. Often  they are not equipped to create a website on their own. You know the scenario; they get a domain, get hosting, fumble around with some Content Management System (CMS), only to get a mediocre website. They look at their competition and see that their own website is not that great so they get the idea, “Where can I find a good website designer?” The search begins.

As they set out to find a good website designer, they run across many different businesses and web design freelancers. It just seems to be too much for them. After it’s all said and done, they end up paying too much for a website that they can’t edit or they end up not getting what they want because the web designer didn’t give good service.

Well, I don’t want you to have any regrets about your website, so consider these

If Their Website is Ugly, Your Website Will Be Ugly Too

First impressions are lasting impressions, so the first item to consider when looking for a web design company is the overall look of their own website. I have seen web designers with nice looking website and I have seen them with ugly websites. The thing is, if their website isn’t that great, what makes you think that they will make your website look great? A website is a reflection of the business, so what does their website say about the quality of their work? If it looks like the website hasn’t been updated, then its likely they don’t have much experience with the current web design trends. If the coloring and design elements don’t match, then guess what… your website will not match or look good.

This means that if the website design business’ website looks good, they have up to date styles, and they are in tune with current website trends, then you can count on them to be up to date. This means that they bring that knowledge with them when they start designing your website.

The Grading Scale: Are You Impressed With Their Portfolio?

The next item to consider when looking for a web design company is their portfolio. Look at their past work. Often, when a website is on display as part of a portfolio, it’s because that company takes pride in their work. It’s what they are willing to show the world. If the best they have to offer doesn’t impress you, then look for a company whose past work impresses you. After all, if they have a horrible portfolio, then your website will be next in line to be in that same portfolio.

Some other thoughts to consider in the portfolio are the following: Are the sites live? Can you view them? Do they look like the link in the portfolio? (If not, then maybe that site has a new designer). Are the websites up to date with trends and styles? Is there anything in the live site that is broken or doesn’t work (like links and images)?

Can You Make Changes, or Will You Pay an Arm and a Leg?

This is a key element in how well you will be able to manage your website. The days of old static HTML only websites are gone! You might ask, “What did you just say?”. Well, to make it easy,it used to be that people designed websites that had fixed pages and one had to get into the code to make updates. Every time a person wanted to make changes, they either had to learn HTML or go back to their website designer. Going back to the designer was not a good idea because they charged you for every change.

Then CMS’s were born. Now a person can get in and make changes to their website without going back to the designer. Often, using a CMS is easy and is comparable to using Microsoft Word or Google Docs. Website design companies are recognizing this trend and making their websites work with popular CMS’s. This means that you can edit your website without needing to take out a business loan or go back to school. You may want to ask your website designer how easy it will be to make changes. If you have to pay for every change, then maybe you should change design companies.

(The only time a CMS wouldn’t work is if you wanted a highly customized website that required a very specific design.)

So, after reading this article, I hope you are able to find an affordable website design company that meets your needs, impresses you, and lets you have YOUR own website.

Author: VivaNet 2.0 (Estevan Montoya)