99Designs Review: Innovation in Design Creation

The world of design is vast, indeed. Finding the right design solution for your needs can be tough – whether you’re looking for traditional print design, web design, logo and merchandise design or graphic design. However, 99Designs might just have the best option for your needs. In this 99Designs review, you’ll learn just what this company offers that’s had them featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur and Forbes.

A Design Marketplace

Design marketplaces are not really all that new – there are tons of places out there that can be considered such. However, a quick 99Designs review will show you some significant differences between this option and others. You might be tempted to take your work to one of those freelance marketplaces (you know the ones). After all, there are tons of different designers there, and you can post the details of your job and take bids pretty easily.

However, 99Designs is a bit different. First of all, it’s only about design – you won’t find writers, office staff and others vying for attention with web designers and graphic designers. 99Designs is strictly about your design needs, no matter what those needs might be, from identity design to merchandise and everything in between.

Simplicity Itself

Conducting your own 99Designs review will show you another key difference here – 99Designs is immensely simple to use. In fact, you follow a step-by-step process outlined on the site. First, you choose the type of design that you want (from identity to web, print, graphics or merchandise). Each category allows you to specify the exact item you want designed (a banner ad, WordPress theme, etc.).

Next, you describe your requirements in a design brief. This brief is sent out to designers (99Designs is connected to more than 90,000 designers around the world). Each designer then submits a concept design for your perusal and consideration. You provide feedback and comments on designs that you like and, if necessary, the designer revises to meet your needs. You then choose the design that you want from the designer you like most. It’s perfectly simple, streamlined and easy.

Solutions for Small Budgets

One of the most common hurdles to overcome in getting good design services is the price. Not all companies have the same budget for design, and some designers can be very high-priced. However, a 99Designs review will show you that they provide options for all budgets, from those with only a few dollars to spend to those with deep pockets.

Each pricing tier also comes with its own perks. For instance, the “silver” package (the middle tier) gets more results, more quickly than the lowest tier. However, even the lowest tier will get you a wide range of different concept designs from some of the best designers in the industry.

In Summation

In summary, any 99Designs review has to be positive, if not glowing. The unique nature of this design marketplace means that anyone, from the individual author in the self-publishing world to Fortune 500 companies, can find the perfect solution to their design needs.