Web designer

Before You Approach a Web Designer

It’s always tricky business to have a website design that meets all your criteria and deliver abundant results at the end of the day; the truth of that matter however is that there is need for collaboration between you and your web designer if success will come on your way. One very important aspect has… Continue Reading

What Your Web Designer Should Know

Web design has a great deal to do with effective layouts and designs but it really goes beyond that. Your web designer must realize that there are many other areas that are equally important and must be addressed adequately as well if results will be realized. You need to make sure that the web designer… Continue Reading

Questions You Should Ask Your Web Designer

There is nothing as hard as receiving the desired results from your website and you will do anything to make sure that you get a return on your investment. Everyone wants to hire the greatest web designer but the greatness of a designer or none of it will have to with the results that come… Continue Reading

Top Web Designer Mistakes

Your website is meant to communicate your needs, goals and desires to every guest visiting your web page but your goal can be impeded by common mistakes made by your web designer. You can avoid many usability problems by carefully ensuring that you avoid several web design errors. The first major mistake is related to… Continue Reading

Hire a web design company:

Los Angeles:

Eclyptix LLC:
1010 Wilshire Blvd.
Phone: 1-800-509-3967

New York City:

Blue Fountain Media:
200 Park Avenue South #908
Phone: (212) 260-1978


i360 Consulting:
11152 Westheimer, #147
Phone: (713) 981-4900


18205 Biscayne Blvd
Phone: (305) 310-4697